Installing macOS Sierra Beta on Parallels Desktop 10 & 11

Apple revealed its upcoming operating system in WWDC 2016 back in June. The first major change in the next version of the os is changing the naming convention from Mac OS X # they change the naming to match iOS and tvOS. So from now on, we are going to have macOS Sierra

In addition, Apple added several useful features to the OS that worth trying out. As always I was very curious to test out the developer preview before the final release but I own only one MacBook Pro which I was using it for work and production. I did not want to risk upgrading to Sierra and have several of my application crashing. So, my option was to setup a virtual machine on Parallels Desktop (I could use Fusion or VirtualBox but I own Parallels 10 so why not trying that!). 

Before starting, I did a little bit of research and realized that Parallels 10 does not support Sierra installer (as it does not support El-Capitan installer as well) so that would be the first hassle. In the same fashion, parallels 11 does not support Sierra installer as well. So, a solution should be thought to overcome these issues. I found several posts on how to make Sierra or El-Capitan working on Parallels 10 but none of them worked. So, I came across an easy solution: 

  1. Temporary upgrade to Parallels 11
  2. Download El-Capitan and create a VM for it
  3. Install Sierra within the VM
  4. Downgrade to Parallels 10 

Voilà, now I have macOS Sierra working on Parallels Desktop 10. It's fun playing around with Siri on Sierra. Please see the video for more details.