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I started loving photography when I was in college. At the time I had pocket camera and was trying to get good pictures with it. Later in grad school I bought my current DSLR (Canon 60D). 

Since then I have taken thousands of pictures, and with each one of them I have learned lessons. Today, photography is my passion. It is an avenue to switch my focus from daily life to something I love to do. So you can imagine it would be typical of me to grab my camera and head out just to take some pictures, or stuck behind we going to hike with friends.


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Sunrise on top of Cadillac mountain, Acadia National Park

Sunrise on top of Cadillac mountain, Acadia National Park

My Photographs on Social Media

I continuously upload some of my photos to social media accounts. 



My public Instagram handle is @b2travelgram. Here you can see some of my latests posts. Do not forget to follow, like and comment on Instagram. 


Although I'm not as active as Instagram on other social media websites, but my Flickr account gets updated once in a while. My username is behrad3d

National Geographic

I have recently started contributing to National Geographic Yourshots channel. You can find and rate some of my photos there. 


To Arrange Photoshoot

I am currently in Raleigh-Durham area in North Carolina.

If you want to schedule a photoshoot please use the form below to contact me.